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SEALOEarth in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC since 2017
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SEALOEarth's strengths are endless: Cares for the environment; Represents entire spectrum of life; Promotes unity and peace; Educational; Universal; Scientific; Highly symbolic; Attractive, well thought out design; Pleasing colors; Kid friendly; Relevant; Much needed; Unique; Intriguing; .....

Vision: A World United for Earth's Well-being

Picture a world where every individual, regardless of their background or beliefs, actively participates in the stewardship of our precious planet Earth. It's a world where the boundaries that often divide us melt away in the face of a shared responsibility for our environment.

Mission: Our Collective Duty

SEALOEarth (pronounced as, seal-o-earth), with its mission of "Serene Environment And Life On Earth," stands as a beacon of hope in an increasingly interconnected world. Its mission is clear: to raise awareness about our collective responsibility to manage Earth's resources sustainably. This mission transcends politics, borders, and personal differences. It speaks to the fundamental duty we all share as inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

Established and Embraced on March 20, 2012

Our Earth, Our Responsibility

The truth is, our planet's well-being is a shared responsibility. Our ecosystems, our air, our water, they know no boundaries. They don't recognize nationality, race, or language. They depend on us, and in turn, we depend on them. When we take steps to preserve our environment, we're securing our own future.

Inspiration: Nature's Blueprint

SEALOEarth draws inspiration from the very elements that make our world serene: blue skies, white clouds, and green vegetation. It's a symbol that unites us under the banner of peace and tranquility, mirroring the harmony we should strive to achieve with our environment.

History: A Global Movement

SEALOEarth is not confined by geography. It's a global movement with roots in Massachusetts, but its message resonates worldwide. The Earth Flag, designed by Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath, is a reminder that we are all custodians of this planet, no matter where we come from or what language we speak. It symbolizes our shared responsibility.

Focus: Local and Global Impact

SEALOEarth's focus is twofold: it addresses global ecological challenges while emphasizing individual and community action. This means that your efforts, no matter how small, contribute to a larger, global movement.

Your Role: Be the Change

Bringing about social change is a gradual process, but it's achievable. Your involvement matters. It's not just about volunteering or participating; it's about embracing the values SEALOEarth represents and embodying them in your daily life. It's about spreading the message, starting conversations, and inspiring others.

Feedback: Your Voice Matters

Your thoughts and feelings about SEALOEarth's mission are invaluable. Your feedback can shape the future of this movement. So, take a moment to reflect on the symbol, the mission, and the vision. Share your ideas and join the conversation.

In conclusion, SEALOEarth is more than just an organization; it's a call to action, a reminder of our shared responsibility, and a symbol of hope for a world united in preserving the beauty of our planet. Join us in this noble mission. Together, we can make a difference. Our planet, our future, depends on it.

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Goals and Objectives

SEALOEarth has four overarching aims, succinctly encapsulated by the acronym CLUE:

  • Conservation: Our foremost goal is the preservation of Earth's exquisite beauty, ensuring its continued existence.
  • Life: We are committed to fostering respect for and disseminating knowledge about the diverse array of life forms that inhabit our planet.
  • Universal: Our mission is to advance the ideals of completeness, equality, and unity across globe.
  • Environment: We are dedicated to safeguarding and promoting a tranquil environment on our planet.

As a unifying emblem, SEALOEarth employs the Earth Flag concept to nurture global peace and solidarity.

Purpose: Fostering Global Harmony for Earth's Future

SEALOEarth is driven by an unwavering commitment to fostering worldwide peace and unity, thereby securing a brighter future for our beloved planet, Earth. We achieve this by educating individuals about the paramount significance of conservation, the intricate interdependence of life forms on Earth, and the critical reliance on Earth's environment.

WFP 030612


Moot Canada

Selected Comments

"Wow--what a wonderful accomplishment! Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I particularly enjoyed the symbolism of the clock with no time marked; the clock as a reference we all understand, but with such a unique twist. I love it! It is remarkable how you intertwined the four design concepts into one cohesive flag."
- Fourth Grade Teacher

"Your world flag is awesome!! Congratulations! The flag is so creative and meaningful. I like how every aspect of the flag recognizes or represents an important part of the world. I'm sure, for this amazing thing, that you will receive a nobel prize! May be there will also be monument, 'World Flag Inventor, Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath,' with a statue of you!"
- An 11 year old girl

"Congrats... Great job... Well done. Very meaningful with appropriate colors. I personally liked the way you have incorporated all the living things on this Earth from the smallest one to that of human being."
- Doctor, Dermatology

"All countries should come forward to promote it and use it as the world's universal flag removing all political differences."
- Middle School Student, Canada

"Very creative and meaningful flag that can unite the world together! Great vision!"
- Toronto Mom

"Congratulations! Scientific world flag has been meticulously designed with appropriate symbols and colors. I personally liked this flag very much."
- Professor, Biochemistry

"Sounds like a great idea. I am reminded of the organization "doctors without borders" when I see the!"
- Director, PA

"I loved the flag at the very first sight. The fact that each part of the flag in the central region represents eternal time and no borders shows that you put a lot of time into this design. The symbolism in the clock is my favorite. This makes the flag even more impressive. Great job!"
- Honors Student, USA

Humble design flag reflects our responsibility to this world today and in the future. Current distruction of the world, in the name of technology, is directly addressed in this flag, by depicting the rich values of ecological balance. This flag evokes the responsibility in every human and reminds us that as humans we should lead the world keeping the balance.
- Attleboro, Massachusetts

I truly admire the many aspects that this flag represents. This flag has much meaning, how each part of this flag means something different and crucial,is an important goal to not only bring awareness to the people of the world, but unify them as well. This should be the flag of the world!
- Middle School Student, New Jersey

I find both the flag design and the concept of a world flag inspiring! I am truly impressed by much-needed global thinking it represents. I only wish there were something I could do to help to foster this original thought and this beautiful piece of art! Please know that I will continue to share this - and seek suggestions regarding its promotion. Oftentimes, word of mouth brings much success. Let's hope that's the case this time.
- Social Studies Teacher, USA

When I see the bright green as the background it reminds me of Mother Nature and her uniqueness. The format of the outer circle looks like a clock. The light blue reminds me of the never ending oceans and sky. The inner part of the circle looks like a globe of the world with the 7 different continents. The white circles placed on the light blue outer circle remind me of the numbers on an analog clock. Instead of numbers in the white circles though, there are pictures of various species of living things in the world. It looks like, at the end, they come together as a big, caring, loving family. What a great world flag! Awesome idea!
- An 11 year old Writer, USA

SEALOEarth endeavors to bring together not just the global human community but the entire tapestry of life itself, all in pursuit of a brighter future for our exquisite and unparalleled planet, Earth.


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