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SEALOEarth in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC since 2017
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SEALOEarth's strengths are endless: Cares for the environment; Represents entire spectrum of life; Promotes unity and peace; Educational; Universal; Scientific; Highly symbolic; Attractive, well thought out design; Pleasing colors; Kid friendly; Relevant; Much needed; Unique; Intriguing; .....


A world in which all people participate in the stewardship of planet Earth.


SEALOEarth (pronounced as, seal-o-earth), stands for “Serene Environment And Life On Earth”, and its mission is to heighten awareness of the responsibility of all people to manage global resources in a sustainable way, regardless of an individual’s country of origin, cultural background, spoken language, or religion.

The world’s ecosystem knows no sovereignty. We share the resources of the Earth with other living things that rely on us to preserve these resources. When we care for the world’s land, water and air in responsible ways, we take steps to preserving our beautiful planet.

Founded and Adopted on March 20, 2012


SEALOEarth’s vision encompasses an optimistic attempt to unite the entire spectrum of life and to create awareness that the life on Earth is interconnected in a very intricate way. Life on Earth is rich and abundant. Humans have an advantage over all other forms of life on Earth, so it is our moral responsibility to respect other species irrespective of their shape, size, and form. It is important to remember that all living beings on Earth are one family.


A serene place is characterized mainly by blue sky, white clouds, and green vegetation. So, the building blocks of peace and tranquility have been elegantly incorporated into the symbol by taking cues from nature. The design elements of this symbol are cohesive and binding factor for everyone and everything.


SEALOEarth is a Massachusetts-based organization with a global reach. The Earth Flag, designed by the founder and president Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath was first released to the world on April 14, 2011 in Massachusetts, United States of America, reminds us that we share the resources of the earth with people of all cultures, no matter what language is spoken or customs practiced. We also share the world’s resources with other living things that rely on us to preserve those resources.

The world’s ecosystem knows no sovereignty, and when we care for the world’s land, water and air in responsible ways, we take steps to preserving our beautiful planet Earth.

The SEALOEarth flag is a reminder of our individual and our collective responsibilities.


SEALOEarth focuses on the global ecological problems and the actions are at the individual and community level.


Bringing a social change is slow, but certainly achievable by inspiring people around the world about the worthy cause. If you are wondering how you can help, please consider:

  • Volunteering
  • Getting involved
  • Spreading the word in your network
  • Liking the facebook page
  • Displaying the symbol indoors/outdoors
  • Participating in Earth Day Activities
  • Leading SEALOEarth CARE in your own town
  • Starting a SEALOEarth Chapter in your University/College
  • Sharing ideas that align with the goals
  • ...


Do share what you think and feel when you first see this symbol. If you have a feedback or are interested in volunteering, please click here. It will be greatly appreciated. Some of your comments might be selected and posted on this website!

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Goals and objective

The four main purposes of SEALOEarth are best summarized by CLUE:

  • Conservation: To maintain undiminished existence of our beautiful planet Earth
  • Life: To respect and educate about the entire spectrum of life on Earth
  • Universal: To promote completeness, evenness, and oneness on Earth
  • Environment: To protect and encourage a serene environment on Earth

SEALOEarth uses the concept of a Earth Flag as a symbol to nurture peace and unity globally.

SEALOEarth seeks to promote peace and unity around the world for a better future of our beautiful planet Earth, by educating the importance of conservation, the interconnectedness of life on Earth and its dependence on the Earth’s environment.

WFP 030612


Moot Canada

Selected Comments

"Wow--what a wonderful accomplishment! Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I particularly enjoyed the symbolism of the clock with no time marked; the clock as a reference we all understand, but with such a unique twist. I love it! It is remarkable how you intertwined the four design concepts into one cohesive flag."
- Fourth Grade Teacher

"Your world flag is awesome!! Congratulations! The flag is so creative and meaningful. I like how every aspect of the flag recognizes or represents an important part of the world. I'm sure, for this amazing thing, that you will receive a nobel prize! May be there will also be monument, 'World Flag Inventor, Dr. Chaitanya Hiremath,' with a statue of you!"
- An 11 year old girl

"Congrats... Great job... Well done. Very meaningful with appropriate colors. I personally liked the way you have incorporated all the living things on this Earth from the smallest one to that of human being."
- Doctor, Dermatology

"All countries should come forward to promote it and use it as the world's universal flag removing all political differences."
- Middle School Student, Canada

"Very creative and meaningful flag that can unite the world together! Great vision!"
- Toronto Mom

"Congratulations! Scientific world flag has been meticulously designed with appropriate symbols and colors. I personally liked this flag very much."
- Professor, Biochemistry

"Sounds like a great idea. I am reminded of the organization "doctors without borders" when I see the!"
- Director, PA

"I loved the flag at the very first sight. The fact that each part of the flag in the central region represents eternal time and no borders shows that you put a lot of time into this design. The symbolism in the clock is my favorite. This makes the flag even more impressive. Great job!"
- Honors Student, USA

Humble design flag reflects our responsibility to this world today and in the future. Current distruction of the world, in the name of technology, is directly addressed in this flag, by depicting the rich values of ecological balance. This flag evokes the responsibility in every human and reminds us that as humans we should lead the world keeping the balance.
- Attleboro, Massachusetts

I truly admire the many aspects that this flag represents. This flag has much meaning, how each part of this flag means something different and crucial,is an important goal to not only bring awareness to the people of the world, but unify them as well. This should be the flag of the world!
- Middle School Student, New Jersey

I find both the flag design and the concept of a world flag inspiring! I am truly impressed by much-needed global thinking it represents. I only wish there were something I could do to help to foster this original thought and this beautiful piece of art! Please know that I will continue to share this - and seek suggestions regarding its promotion. Oftentimes, word of mouth brings much success. Let's hope that's the case this time.
- Social Studies Teacher, USA

When I see the bright green as the background it reminds me of Mother Nature and her uniqueness. The format of the outer circle looks like a clock. The light blue reminds me of the never ending oceans and sky. The inner part of the circle looks like a globe of the world with the 7 different continents. The white circles placed on the light blue outer circle remind me of the numbers on an analog clock. Instead of numbers in the white circles though, there are pictures of various species of living things in the world. It looks like, at the end, they come together as a big, caring, loving family. What a great world flag! Awesome idea!
- An 11 year old Writer, USA

SEALOEarth intends to unite, not only the people around the world, but the entire spectrum of life, for a better future of our beautiful and unique planet Earth.


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