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Tree of Life

A representative from the various species in the world based on the Scientific tree of life in the number positions of clock:

1. BACTERIA, Bacteria (Prokaryotes)

2. ALGAE, Plantae (Protists)

3. TREES, Plantae (Plants)

4. MUSHROOMS, Fungi (Fungi)

5. WORMS, Ecdysozoa (Invertebrates)

6. BUTTERFLIES, Ecdysozoa (Invertebrates)

7. SHELLS, Lophotrochozoa (Invertebrates)

8. SEA STARS, Echinodermata (Invertebrates)

9. FISH, Chordata (Vertebrates)

10. AMPHIBIANS, Chordata (Vertebrates)

11. BIRDS, Chordata (Vertebrates)

12. MAMMALS, Chordata (Vertebrates)

SEALOEarth intends to unite, not only the people around the world, but the entire spectrum of life, for a better future of our beautiful and unique planet Earth.

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