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Zero Waste

Lead by Example - Practical Solutions


A world in which all people participate in the stewardship of planet Earth.


Our mission is to heighten awareness of the responsibility of all people to manage global resources in a sustainable way, regardless of an individual’s country of origin, cultural background, spoken language or religion.

The world’s ecosystems know no sovereignty. We share the resources of the Earth with other living things that rely on us to preserve these resources. When we care for the world’s land, water and air in responsible ways, we take steps to preserving our beautiful planet. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Gifts in support of our mission are fully tax deductible.


We will be focussing on:

Lead by Example #1

"Dinner Party for 200 people"


If you answer “yes” to at least one of the following:

  • Do you feel guilty about creating unnecessary and avoidable waste?
  • Are you willing to consider exploring into making better choices?
  • Do you wish to lead by example?


  • Making the right choices to make a difference.
  • Shoulder our individual and our collective responsibilities towards our planet Earth.

Ordering Things Online



  • Flag as a reminder of the Zero Waste Event


  • Compostable material used



  • "Congratulations to the teacher and his disciples. May the lord bless them with long musical life. What deeply impressed me was the environmental consciousness that went with the event. The organisers who have set an example worth emulating, deserve sincere appreciation. A real music lover is essentially a nature lover."
Feel good and proud about your participation in the stewardship of planet Earth.



For questions and information, please contact via email: info(at)

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SEALOEarth intends to unite, not only the people around the world, but the entire spectrum of life, for a better future of our beautiful and unique planet Earth.

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